Litigation & Business Disputes

One of the most expensive aspects of doing business can be the costs of litigation. Levine & Stivers excels in its assessment of business litigation and commercial litigation matters through its effective management and analysis of problems presented by the client. Ultimately, the client makes the choice on how to proceed. Our advice is intended to give the client a guided pathway with various options that will assist the client in obtaining their objectives and goals in an economically efficient manner.

The Firm handles various types of business disputes ranging from breach of contract, leasing and real estate disputes, professional misconduct, boundary violations, administrative litigation related to disciplinary issues and bid protests of public contracts. The Firm also acts as an advisor in claims made against businesses, including but not limited to, claims made through administrative agencies such as the EEOC.

Litigation generally involves more than just two parties and their lawyers. Many times experts are necessary to flush out and bring the issues into focus. The firm has used an array of experts over the years from and including appraisers, environmental experts, and medical experts to assist us. We recognize that each case is unique to the particular client. Though we may have worked on similar matters, it is your matter that is being reviewed. Advice is given based upon a full understanding of your desires, needs, and situation that you find yourself in when you hire us to assist you.

Working with our Firm will prove to be an immense pleasure. We make it a habit to return every phone call every day and respond to every email in a timely fashion. Documents requested to be prepared are prepared in a timely fashion and you, the client, will not have to follow up with us. It is our responsibility, after undertaking the responsibility, to do so with you.