About Us

The law firm of Levine & Stivers was founded in 1978. It enjoys a very special relationship with its clients. Most of the Firm’s clients have been so in excess of 25 years.

Formality is not the poll star of Levine & Stivers. We operate in a relaxed atmosphere which allows the lawyers and clients to communicate freely and effectively to achieve sensible and economical solutions to problems. It’s not unusual for us to enjoy down time with clients, quail hunting in South Georgia, attending sporting events or fishing the rivers and streams of the United States. This atmosphere provides an opportunity for clients and the Firm to get to know each other and to better understand each others’ objectives and goals in an environment that is both relaxed and conducive to a discussion of issues that are a concern to the client.

The Firm has always taken the attitude that analysis of issues presented to us is paramount before proceeding forward. Time and effort are undertaken to thoroughly analyze issues presented so the client will be fully aware of the consequences of their actions, either in pursuing a claim or defending a claim. Our analysis often includes public relations aspects, political aspects and economic aspects of a particular matter. We pride ourselves on being able to confer with clients candidly about issues which assist the client in making a fully informed decision on how to proceed. The Firm consists of three partners with a combined total in excess of 75 years of legal experience. Gerald Lewis, former State of Florida Comptroller, is also affiliated with the firm.

Personal references from clients are available upon request. Strict adherence to confidentiality is however paramount.