Law Offices Of Levine & Stivers

Legal disputes can be complex, expensive, frustrating, and extremely time consuming. That is why it is very important that you work with experienced legal counsel. Whether the dispute is resolved in the courtroom, by mediation or by some other form of resolution, the Law Firm of Levine & Stivers can help you achieve the desired result. As a firm, Levine & Stivers handles a variety of matters. Each of the Firm’s three members can handle your issues. This allows the attorneys to consult with each other regarding issues and strategy that your matter may present. At no time are you charged by both attorneys for efforts on behalf of your particular matter unless it is a unique situation that requires more than one lawyer’s presence.

The Firm handles a variety of business and corporate matters concerning contract disputes, acquisitions, mergers, real estate and business formation. It also specializes in matters related to administrative law, including licensing, disciplinary matters for public sector employees and bid protests/challenges. The Firm has clients ranging from new business owners, mom and pop operations, to large corporations.

The advantage that Levine & Stivers brings to the table is that they do a thorough analysis of every matter before a great deal of the client’s funds are expended in order to define the issues, determine the likely outcome and potential resolutions, and if necessary, to adequately budget for potentially protracted and expensive litigation. It is important for business professionals to be able to rely on lawyers who can effectively save them time and money. Mediation is an opportunity for resolution which is always explored. Mediation is now mandated by the courts and has proven itself an excellent platform for resolution. Early mediation often minimizes the issues which would otherwise involve formalized and expensive discovery forum.

The Firm is committed to assist you in deciding what is best for your situation. The Firm puts in a great deal of effort and time to provide consultation at the outset of a matter, so you, the client, has a road map for the twists and turns you may encounter in litigation or a business transaction. You may contact the Firm at 850.222.6580 or by email for any of the partners at their first names, Mark, HB, Ron followed by