Corporate Formation & LLC

The key to starting a business is to understand where you want to go, how you want to get there and what vehicle is appropriate for your use. The Firm is extremely capable of providing advice and counsel to assist you in achieving your ultimate success.

The Firm has extensive experience in advising business clients in respect to the formation of their business vehicle. Business vehicles can run from a sole proprietorship, to a partnership, to a corporation to an LLC. The Firm analyzes the client’s needs before advising the client of the type of vehicle that is recommended. Once the appropriate vehicle is chosen, we assist the client in its proper formation.

Once the vehicle is chosen, then various issues will present themselves. Preparing documents including leases, contracts, employment contracts, non-competes, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements, are standard matters we handle on a regular basis. As your business grows, we can further assist you with the acquisition or merger of another business or the sale of your business. The Firm is somewhat unique in that we in that we do both corporate litigation and transactions. This often provides us with a unique perspective in dealing with issues that can arise in an acquisition or merger.

The transactions we have been involved in run the gamut from the acquisition of large commercial and/or resident tracts of development property, to the sale of radio stations, to national business franchises and licenses and to the purchase and sale of small business in varying markets.