Administrative Licensing & Litigation

Governmental agencies around the country, local, state and federal, are constantly enacting and amending standards for licensing business professionals, corporate entities, and affiliated business arrangements. These standards are administered through occupational boards and commissions, local government entities, and state and federal agencies. These regulations affect many licensed individuals from doctors, to pharmacists, to contractors, to attorneys and to real estate professionals. Many times the enforcement of these regulations will impact an individual’s ability to continue their business. For example, if you own a restaurant you have to be familiar with local ordinances and rules, as well as state rules and regulations regarding the sale of food and alcoholic beverages.

The Firm has a wealth of experience in handling matters involving public bids, invitations to negotiate and purchasing from governmental entities. This includes bid protests, as well as protecting a bid that has been awarded to our client. These matters, along with other types of licensing matters, are very time sensitive and require immediate attention and action. Negotiated settlements are possible but more likely than not, these matters proceed to a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Many times an administrative law matter involves an alleged violation of a regulatory provision whereby a licensee is facing a fine, or a suspension or the revocation of a license. , The Firm has the resources and ability to gauge different outcomes and will work towards a resolution or outcome that is consistent with the client’s wishes, while taking into consideration the gravity of the matter charged and a relationship to any discipline meted out by a regulatory agency.

No matter your issue, whether it is contracting with a government agency or disciplinary in nature, we can walk you through the process so that you have the necessary understanding of the issues you are facing.

The Firm has literally handled hundreds of administrative law cases on various issues. Regardless of the issue, the Firm’s expertise in the process and procedure puts it in the forefront of law firms dealing with these matters.